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New: Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense

Every Friday the Library will bring you two short lists of buzz-worthy books in a rotating series of popular genres.

For these and other fresh reads, stop by the second floor Fiction/AV/Teen desk. While there, talk to a Readers’ Advisor about new and old titles tailored to your taste.

Get your reading glasses on, because here we go!

New: Mystery Books

Purity of Vengeance book cover

Dead in Their Arches book coverRide the Man Down book cover

Eggs in a Casket book cover

Billionaire Blend book cover

Way of all Fish book cover

Killer's Island book cover

Hunting Shadows book cover

New: Thriller and Suspense Books

Tiger Shrimp Tango book cover

419  book cover

Fear Nothing book cover

Death Trade book cover

Pawnbroker book cover

In the Blood book cover

Fatal Tide book cover

Execution book cover

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Lists: Cozy Mysteries

Something Borrowed, Something Dead book coverCozy mysteries are considered “gentle reads.” Usually, a female sleuth – who’s not actually a detective – solves a crime in a small town. There’s little-to-no sex, violence, or harsh language on the page. M.C. Beaton, Carolyn Hart, and Leslie Meier are fine examples of this genre.

For more cozy mystery authors, click here.

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Fiction: Countdown City by Ben Winters

Countdown City book coverLast year, the must-have, but little-known mystery was The Last Policeman by Ben Winters. It depicted a detective who didn’t quit his job even though the end of the world was imminent. Detective Hank Palace is back in Countdown City, book two in the Last Policeman Trilogy. Hank has 77 days left to do his job before an asteroid obliterates Earth. This time around, a woman from Hank’s past needs help finding her husband. But how can Hank do his job when half the world has gone crazy and the other half is checking off their bucket lists? If you enjoy intricately-plotted, offbeat mysteries or mainstream dystopian fiction (like Hunger Games or World War Z), try Countdown City.

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Lists: If You Like Janet Evanovich

One for the Money book coverJanet Evanovich is best known for her character Stephanie Plum, a smart-mouthed, side-job, bumbling bounty hunter. Evanovich writes funny, upbeat mysteries with a dash of romance. If you’re looking for more feisty heroines and villains that are more incompetent than evil, the Library has you covered.

If you like Janet Evanovich and are searching for similar authors, click here.

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Nonfiction: The Borden Tragedy by Rick Geary

Borden Tragedy graphic novel coverNow that the first photo of Christina Ricci as Lizzie Borden has been released, you will want to read about the legendary crime for yourself. The final days of Graphic Novels Month is an opportune time to delve into The Borden Tragedy: A Memoir of the Infamous Double Murder. The 21st Century has no monopoly on sensationalized true crime stories, and this volume of the Victorian Murder series illustrates the facts and questions as they are known. The heavy black frames and recurring use of patterned lines add to both the ominous tone and the historic feel. We may never know for certain who got away with murder that fateful day, but Rick Geary presents the case with startling clarity.

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A Book That Feels Like a Bruce Willis Movie

The Return book coverLast year, Michael Gruber’s The Good Son made it onto Stephen King’s Entertainment Weekly column, “The Best Books I Read in 2012”. Gruber’s back with another action-packed standalone, The Return. Richard Marder has an inoperable brain tumor that could kill him at any time. He wants to get his life in order and that means punishing the drug lord he blames for his wife’s suicide. Marder goes to Mexico to bury his wife’s ashes and take vengeance. With the help of an old army buddy and a gang of squatters on his property, Marder goes to war with two drug cartels. If you like movies like Red, The Expendables, and Die Hard, try Michael Gruber’s novel The Return.

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My Name is Kinsey Millhone

G is for Grafton book coverKeeping readers interested in a single character for twenty-three books is no small feat, but Sue Grafton has led mystery fans through the alphabet to great success. From A is for Alibi (1982) to this month’s W is for Wasted, Grafton keeps fans coming back with fresh takes on new themes, varied structure, and intriguing stories. None of that would matter without a well-developed main character, one we feel we know well but who can still surprise us. Between letter releases, review the fascinating world of Kinsey Millhone in G is for Grafton by Natalie Hevener Kaufman and Carol McGinnis Kay. Investigate for yourself Kinsey’s history, habits, dilemmas, and cases, and deduce how Grafton’s skill with characterization and subtle world-building contribute to a groundbreaking and beloved series.

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LISTS: If You Like Tom Clancy

Threat Vector book coverTom Clancy’s high-speed page-turners star military-trained heroes battling larger-than-life enemies. International plots, terrorists, dangerous alliances, and weapons of mass destruction abound — but Clancy isn’t the only one to have conquered the military adventure genre.

Click here if you want action and tech-heavy fiction similar to Tom Clancy.

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Be Swept Off Your Feet

Way Back Home book cover

Winners of the 2013 RITA Awards, celebrating the best in romance, have been announced.  Which love story will you choose?

Contemporary Single Title RomanceThe Way Back Home by Barbara Freethy

Historical RomanceA Rogue by Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean

Romantic Suspense:   Scorched by Laura Griffin

Best First Book and Novel with Strong Romantic ElementsThe Haunting of Maddy Clare by Simone St. James

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Words Have Power

Lexicon book cover“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?”  Not so fast!  Words can be weapons, especially in Lexicon by Max Barry.  This is a world in which a secretive international syndicate of “poets” collects special words and uses them to control others.  What does this have to do with a seemingly clueless man being kidnapped from an airport bathroom, a teenage grifter living on the street, or the horrifying event that first wiped out and then quarantined an entire Australian town?  When the storylines converge, everything changes.  Thrilling and thought-provoking, the scariest elements hit close to home, warning us of our vulnerability to manipulation.  Try this high-octane dystopian fable, and you’ll find yourself entertained beyond words.

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