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LISTS: Country Music Movies

Sweet Dreams DVD coverIt doesn’t matter if you love country music for the rhinestones, fringe, and big names or for the traditional, quiet, porch-singing tunes – there’s a country music movie out there for you.

Walk the line to good country music movies by clicking here.

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Joyce’s Pick: That’s Life

Joyce staff picks photoListening to contemporary jazz these days, you don’t expect to get classic Sinatra and Bennett vocal stylings, but Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. croons exactly that. That’s Life is the debut release of Landau, an America’s Got Talent winner. Take a new walk down memory lane and try it!

By Readers' Advisor on October 30, 2012 Categories: All Staff Picks, Music, Picks by Joyce

Patty’s Pick: King of the Blues Guitar

Patty staff picks photoThere’s more to Albert King than “Born Under a Bad Sign”, though that’s the song that has been covered by everyone from Cream to Homer Simpson. If you like your blues with a groove, try the album King of the Blues Guitar.

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LISTS: Rockabilly Music

Psychobilly Box CD coverWell, be-bop-a-lula, do you like rockabilly? Rockabilly is where country music meets rock ‘n roll. It was popularized in the 1950s by such legends as Bill Haley, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent, and Elvis Presley – and it sure isn’t dead!

Click here for contemporary and classic rockabilly music that will get you wailin’ and wigglin’.

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Colleen’s Pick: Grace

Colleen staff picks photoDue to Jeff Buckley’s untimely death in 1997, we are only left with one complete studio album. Grace gives a sense of the great potential in Buckley’s vocal, guitar, and songwriting abilities. Songs range from sweet vocal melodies to hard guitar-riffing rock that will leave you craving more.

By Readers' Advisor on August 28, 2012 Categories: All Staff Picks, Music, Picks by Colleen

When You’re the Only Dad at the Playground With a Forehead Tattoo

The Other F Word DVD coverPunk rockers aren’t exactly known for responsible life decisions. You know the drill – live fast, die young. The Other F Word examines what happens when subculture rock stars have to readjust their raucous lifestyles as they become parents. Lars Frederiksen of Rancid, Tim McIlrath of Rise Against, Fat Mike of NOFX, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, famed skateboarder Tony Hawk, and many others are interviewed in a documentary that is profanity-laden, but heartfelt. For most of the men, punk rock became a surrogate family, something to take the place of bad or nonexistent parents. These men are now charged with being the parents they wish they had, without losing themselves in the process.

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Donna S.’s Pick: Neil Diamond

Donna S staff pick photoNeil Diamond’s forty years in music have given us many memorable tunes.  The legendary singer-songwriter was one of the Kennedy’s Center’s 2012 honorees, and in 2011 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Any of his CDs will get you humming all day long.

By Readers' Advisor on July 24, 2012 Categories: All Staff Picks, Music, Picks by Donna S.

Nothing, but a Good Time

Monsters of Rock CD coverBig hair, unisex blush, spandex, fringe, and studded jean jackets all have something in common – they were the uniform of mega-awesome, 1980s metal bands. When you crank Monsters of Rock, you can almost see the heavy metal parking lot appear before you. Songs like Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and The Scorpions’ “Rock You Like a Huricane” rev you up. Then, if you need to slow it down, Monster Ballads has your number. Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” Mr. Big’s “To Be With You,” and Whitesnake’s “Is This Love” will power ballad you into glam rock bliss.

By Readers' Advisor on July 19, 2012 Categories: Music

Patty’s Pick: Almost Famous

Patty staff picks photoWilliam Miller just got his big break writing a cover story for Rolling Stone. Lester Bangs warns William not to make friends with the band, but William does and that’s when everything goes to heck. Almost Famous is a rock and roll coming of age story all music lovers should see.

By Readers' Advisor on July 17, 2012 Categories: All Staff Picks, Movies and Television, Music, Picks by Patty

Once Reinvented, Eight Times Rewarded

Once: A New Musical CD cover

Remakes seem to be the norm of late, rather than the exception. To be successful, they need to bring something new to the story, and that is certainly the case with the Broadway production of Once: A New Musical. Staying true to the original, but playing with instrumentals and a cappella performances, the 2012 Tony Award winner for Best Musical (and in seven other categories, too!), enchants with beautiful stringwork and Steve Kazee’s especially soulful performance as The Guy. Since the actors also serve as the band, the collaborative effort rings with authenticity, and the international influences are enhanced. Fall slowly in love all over again with the original Broadway cast recording of Once: A New Musical.

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