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300 Years of Bridal Fashions

The Wedding Dress book coverWeddings are a Big Deal. In today’s photoshopped culture, brides feel like they have to be perfect. TV shows like Say Yes to the Dress have emphasized that, sure, a wedding is all about love and stuff – but really, look at that dress! Did you see what the bride was wearing? Edwina Ehrman’s heavily illustrated coffee table book, The Wedding Dress, explores the evolution of the wedding dress from 1700 until present day. This photographic fashion history is an extension of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Unveiled exhibition. If you can’t make it to the V&A in London, but still want to see bold, beautiful and sometimes extravagantly odd bridal fashions, The Wedding Dress is for you.

By MPPL on November 3, 2011 Categories: Books, Nonfiction

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