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25 Bucks Can Change the World

International Bank of Bob book coverBob Harris was a travel writer specializing in luxury destinations. He began to think that, “There’s a point where luxury passes beyond any sane human comfort and starts touching lunacy” (like a hotel in Dubai spending $300,000 a year on pure gold pastry decorations). Harris’ ethical musings on money led him to Kiva, a non-profit providing microloans at zero interest to business owners. Bob Harris began lending small amounts and consistently, promptly being repaid. He then wanted to meet the people behind the loans. Read about Bob Harris’ journey around the world, meeting the business people and communities he helped change for the better in The International Bank of Bob: Connecting our World one $25 Kiva Loan at a Time.

By Readers' Advisor on May 30, 2013 Categories: Books, Nonfiction

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