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An East Texas Aviatrix

Wings book cover With the war on in Germany, the government decides that male pilots shouldn’t be “wasted” on non-combat activities. Women are taught the skills to fly and ferry aircraft on U.S. soil. After Sally Ketchum’s barnstorming lover dies, she enrolls in the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots and meets a whole crew of ladies who can fly just as well as any set of “pants” out there. It’s steady work for rebellious women and you can be sure Congress sends an agent to monitor the gender upheaval. Karl Friedrich’s debut novel, Wings, spins a detailed, romantic adventure that will please aviation and historical fiction fans alike.

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Donna S.’s Pick: In Her Shoes

Donna S staff pick photoBestselling author Jennifer Weiner had one of her novels made into a movie, In Her Shoes. It is the love/hate story of two sisters, wild Maggie and dependable Rose, who are brought together by a long lost relative for a happy ending.

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Art for the Big Screen

Designs on Film book coverFilm buffs, meet your eye candy.  Designs on Film: A Century of Hollywood Art Direction is a gorgeous new collection of stills and sketches from the history of American films.  Linger over the sheer scale of early epics such as The Thief of Baghdad, the shadowy motifs of Hitchcock films, and the ravages of battle depicted in Saving Private Ryan.  Opulent sets and careful staging serve both as setting and character, adding to the emotional experience of movies at their best.  You’ll learn which roles the art director, production designer, and set decorator each take, but most of all you will be in awe at the worlds they create.

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LISTS: Recent Romantic Dramas

The Time Traveler's Wife DVD cover The first decade of the new millennium was a great time for romantic dramas. There were quirky love stories, cowboy romances, stories of famous lovers, and more than a few tearjerkers.

Grab the Kleenex and click here for movies of lovers lost and gained.

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Love and War at a Honky Tonk

My Give A Damn's Busted book cover Larissa owns a small beer joint in Texas. She’s not looking for love, or at least she wasn’t…until that tall, handsome cowboy walked into the bar. Hank isn’t what he seems. He’s not just a cowboy, he’s a rich cowboy. In fact, he steps into Larissa’s bar looking to spy around and buy it out from under her. All heck breaks loose when hot-headed Larissa uncovers Hank’s ulterior motives. Can two people who had a car wreck of a starting off point give themselves a second chance at love? Find out in Carolyn Brown’s fast-paced, country romance, My Give a Damn’s Busted.

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Diane’s Pick: The Vorkosigan Saga

Diane D.Lois McMaster Bujold is renowned for her Hugo and Nebula Award-winning series, the Vorkosigan Saga, featuring Miles Vorkosigan and his family. These beloved sci-fi books can go from humorous to heartbreaking in an instant, and are a unique mix of space opera, adventure, mystery and romance.

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Bruno, Chief of Police

Bruno, Chief of Police Pam of Information Services recommends Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker:

Martin Walker, senior director of the Global Policy Council in Washington, D.C., lives part-time in France. Walker’s first novel with Bruno, police chief of a Parisian suburb, delves back to World War II France where Petain, leader of free Vichy France, collaborated with the Nazis to wreak insidious horror on the families of French resistance fighters. Using unemployed North Africans who originally fought with France against Hitler, Petain turned France’s allies into terrorists against the French resistance. War-mutilated people clung to their memories. This tale of revenge is interwoven with information about the present day vineyards of France and the very special “vin de noix,” homemade red wine infused with green, unripe walnuts. Those visiting France might ask for a sip!

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LISTS: Historical Miniseries You Might've Missed

Roots DVD cover If you’re not in the mood for a documentary, but want a bit of history, there are plenty of miniseries that preserve the grit and the glory, the raw and the refined of American days gone by. From the lives of the Founding Fathers to the pioneers and gunfighters of the Wild West to Kennedy calling for a moon landing back in ’61, there’s a show out there for you.

Missed that miniseries on T.V.? Click here to see what the Library owns.

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