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Joyce’s Pick: Scent of the Missing

Joyce staff picks photoScent of the Missing
is a humorous, heartwarming and compelling tale that follows a golden retriever puppy and its owner through the grueling process of growing up, growing together and becoming a crack search-and-rescue team. It’s part love story, part memoir and thoroughly engaging! Don’t miss it!

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Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, & the Eternal Passion for Books

A Gentle MadnessWould you pay $30.8 million for a seventy-two page manuscript, even if it was written by Leonardo da Vinci? What about spending $40,000 or more for one page of a Gutenberg Bible? Would you ever steal almost 24,000 books from over 268 libraries in forty-five states? There are book junkies, collectors, archivists and eccentrics that would find all these actions perfectly reasonable. In A Gentle Madness, Nicholas Basbanes catalogs the public and private libraries from antiquity to modern day that helped shape book history. In addition, specific book collectors and obsessions are dissected which show the book world as not only a store of knowledge, but of patient rivalries, double dealings and even theft.

By MPPL on November 4, 2010 Categories: Books, Nonfiction

Theater in Your Ear

Little Dorrit audiobook coverFor a nearly cinematic listening experience, check out the award-winning BBC audio adaptation of Little Dorrit.  The great Sir Ian McKellan leads a dramatic cast as author Charles Dickens, narrating the story of the unfortunate Dorrit family and the life they make for themselves inside London’s notorious Marshalsea Prison.  From the opening strains of music and the last words of a dying man, “Do not forget,” we are transported to another time and place.  Sweet Little Amy Dorrit captures our hearts, while hers belongs to Arthur Clennam, a good man with a troubling family.  Filled with the distinct characters and gentle satire for which Dickens is known, Little Dorrit is a graceful tribute to the original beloved story.

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Cathleen’s Pick: The Past is a Foreign Country

Cathleen staff picks pictureThough Swedish crime fiction is all the rage, other nations have their own twisted secrets.  The Past is a Foreign Country, a new import from Italy’s prize-winning Gianrico Carofiglio, details a law student’s slow descent into darkness while under the influence of a charismatic con.

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