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Recent Large Type Fiction Additions


Author: Patterson, James

"Everyone thinks Emmy Dockery is crazy. Obsessed with finding the link between hundreds of unsolved cases, Emmy has taken leave from her job as an FBI researcher. Now all she has are the newspaper cli...

The arsonist

Author: Miller, Sue

"Troubled by the feeling that she belongs nowhere after working in East Africa for 15 years, Frankie Rowley has come home--home to the small New Hampshire town of Pomeroy and the farmhouse where her f...

The ghost of the Mary Celeste

Author: Martin, Valerie

In 1872 a ghost ship was discovered intact off the coast of Spain, her American merchant crew missing. A young writer named Arthur Conan Doyle writes an outlandish story about what took place. A Phila...

The last bride

Author: Lewis, Beverly

"Set in Amish country's beloved fictional Hickory Hollow, Tessie Miller, the youngest of her Old Order parents' five daughters, followed her heart, and the unthinkable has happened. Will she find a re...

Chestnut Street

Author: Binchy, Maeve

"While she was writing columns for The Irish Times and her best-selling novels, Maeve Binchy also had in mind to write a book that revolved around one street with many characters coming and going. Eve...

Otherwise engaged

Author: Quick, Amanda

On a London street in broad daylight, world traveler Amity Doncaster is trapped in a carriage with a blade-wielding man in a black silk mask who whispers the most vile taunts and threats into her ear....

Seasons of tomorrow

Author: Woodsmall, Cindy

"Rhoda Byler feels a newfound confidence living in the Old Order Amish settlement she helped establish in Orchard Bend, Maine. She is happy to be working alongside the King family and the love of her ...

Midnight crossroad

Author: Harris, Charlaine

Welcome to Midnight, Texas, a town with many boarded-up windows and few full-time inhabitants, located at the crossing of Witch Light Road and Davy Road. It's a pretty standard dried-up western town. ...


Author: Moore, Lorrie

"These eight masterly stories reveal Lorrie Moore at her most mature and in a perfect configuration of craft, mind, and bewitched spirit, as she explores the passage of time and summons up its inevita...

Princess ever after

Author: Hauck, Rachel

Regina Beswick is happy with her life as the owner of a classic car restoration shop, so when Tanner Burkhardt tries to restore her to the secret destiny that is her heritage, she is not sure which li...

The escape

Author: Balogh, Mary

No description available

The Last Kind Words Saloon

Author: McMurtry, Larry

Traces the rich and varied friendship of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday from the town of Long Grass to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in Denver, then to Mobetie, Texas, and finally to Tombstone, Arizona, c...


Author: Palmer, Michael

Attending a national conference in Atlanta with Welcome, Duncan injures his leg while running. Surgeons manage to save the leg, but the open wound is the perfect breeding ground for a deadly microbial...

Save the date

Author: Andrews, Mary Kay

"A Savannah florist is about to score the wedding of a lifetime--one that will solidify her career as the go-to-girl for society nuptials. Ironically, Cara Kryzik doesn't believe in love, even though ...

Waiting for Wednesday

Author: French, Nicci

While consulting on the murder of housewife, who was hiding a shocking secret, brilliant psychotherapist Frieda Klein is brought closer to a serial killer who has long escaped detection and wonders if...

Sting of the drone

Author: Clarke, Richard A

In Washington, the Kill Committee gathers in the White House Situation Room to pick the next targets for the United States drone program. At an airbase just outside Las Vegas, a team of pilots, milita...

The target

Author: Baldacci, David

No description available

Walking on air

Author: Anderson, Catherine

"Gunslinger Gabriel Valance is given a second chance to redeem his life after dying in a gunfight in Random, Colorado. He is sent back to earth for thirty days to accomplish his mission-teaching Nancy...

The collector of dying breaths

Author: Rose, M. J

"This gothic tale zigzags from the violent days of Catherine de Medici's court to twenty-first-century France. Set in the forest of Fontainebleau, crisscrossing the lines between the past and the pres...

The silkworm

Author: Galbraith, Robert

When novelist Owen Quine goes missing, his wife calls in private detective Cormoran Strike. At first, Mrs. Quine just thinks her husband has gone off by himself for a few days--as he has done before--...

Long man

Author: Greene, Amy

The Tennessee Valley Authority plans to flood the Long Man River valley in East Tennessee in a few days, and only a few holdouts remain. Among them is young mother Annie and her toddler daughter, Grac...

And the dark sacred night

Author: Glass, Julia

"Kit Noonan's life is stalled: unemployed, twins to support, a mortgage to pay--and a frustrated wife, who is certain that, more than anything else, Kit needs to solve the mystery of his father's iden...

Forget me not

Author: Michaels, Fern

With a popular comic strip, card line, and children's cartoon to her name, Lucy Brighton should be in a happy place. But the ache of a cold, lonely childhood lingers on. Even though she still lives in...

An officer and a spy

Author: Harris, Robert

This is the story of the infamous Dreyfus affair told as a chillingly dark, hard-edged novel of conspiracy and espionage. Paris in 1895. Alfred Dreyfus, a young Jewish officer, has just been convicted...

The other story

Author: Rosnay, Tatiana de

No description available

The secret of magic

Author: Johnson, Deborah

Regina Robichard works for Thurgood Marshall, who receives an unusual letter asking the NAACP to investigate the murder of a returning black war hero. It is signed by M. P. Calhoun, a reclusive author...

Live to see tomorrow

Author: Johansen, Iris

"Catherine Ling: raised on the streets of Hong Kong, she has been a shadowy CIA Operative since she was fourteen years old. Now, years later, Catherine is as lethal as she is beautiful. There are only...

Holding a tender heart

Author: Eicher, Jerry S

Debbie Watson is a young 'Englisha' girl who has grown up admiring the Beiler sisters. Approaching college graduation, Debbie considers making the decision to convert to the Amish faith and lifestyle....

The wind is not a river

Author: Payton, Brian

After his younger brother's death in Europe, journalist John Easley searches for meaning in his loss. Leaving behind his wife, Helen, he heads north to investigate the Japanese invasion of the Aleutia...

While angels dance

Author: Cotton, Ralph W

Jeston Nash bears a striking resemblance to his cousin, Jesse James of Missouri. After killing a Yankee soldier in self-defense, Jeston joins cousins Jesse and Frank to fight in Quantrill's guerilla f...