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Recent Fiction Additions

Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932

Author: Prose, Francine

Paris in the 1920s shimmers with excitement, dissipation, and freedom. It is a place of intoxicating ambition, passion, art, and discontent, where louche jazz venues like the Chameleon Club draw expat...

Moon cutters

Author: Woods, Janet

Businessman Sir James takes an interest in Miranda Jarvis and her sister and puts them up in his house, but hostilities between him and his nephew change Miranda's life in ways she never could have im...

Live to see tomorrow

Author: Johansen, Iris

"Catherine Ling: raised on the streets of Hong Kong, she has been a shadowy CIA Operative since she was fourteen years old. Now, years later, Catherine is as lethal as she is beautiful. There are only...

Monsieur ambivalence

Author: Fuller, Thomas

No description available

The watcher

Author: Link, Charlotte

No description available


Author: McKenzie, Catherine

After Jeff Manning suddenly dies, two women who loved him -- his wife, Claire, and his co-worker, Tish -- are both sent reeling and must figure out how to cope....


Author: Simpson, N.P

People like Ann Buckhalter, the wife of a retired Marine lieutenant colonel, often stay at the Bachelor Officers' Quarter (B.O.Q.) when they return to Camp Lejeune to visit friends or shop at the Exch...

Falling out of time

Author: Grossman, David

In Falling Out of Time, David Grossman has created a genre-defying drama -- part play, part prose, pure poetry -- to tell the story of bereaved parents setting out to reach their lost children. It beg...

The axe factor

Author: Cotterill, Colin

Missing her former life after moving to rural Southern Thailand, Jimm Juree catches the eye of a successful European writer against a backdrop of a serial murder case, an imminent major storm and her ...

The Marathon conspiracy

Author: Corby, Gary

"Nicolaos, Classical Athens's favorite sleuth, and his partner in investigation, the clever ex-priestess Diotima, have taken time out of their assignments to come home to get married. But if Nico was ...

On the rocks

Author: Duffy, Erin

After her fiancé publicly dumps her on Facebook, Abby and her best friend Grace escape to Newport for the summer where they enjoy the beach, cocktails and cute men, but discover that in this era of s...


Author: Bond, Cynthia

"Ephram Jenkins has never forgotten the beautiful girl with the long braids running through the piney woods of Liberty, their small East Texas town. Young Ruby, "the kind of pretty it hurt to look at,...

Field of Prey

Author: Sandford, John

Lucas Davenport investigates the discovery of several bodies in an abandoned Minnesota farmyard, discovering the work of a local serial killer who has been murdering one victim every summer for years....

Natchez burning

Author: Iles, Greg

Penn Cage must investigate when his father, a beloved family doctor and pillar of the community, is accused of murdering Violet Davis, the beautiful nurse with whom he worked in the dark days of the e...

Panthers play for keeps

Author: Simon, Clea

"When Pru Marlowe takes a dog for a walk, she doesn't expect to find a body. But Spot, a service dog in training, has too good a nose not to lead her to the remains of the beautiful young woman, and d...

From the charred remains

Author: Calkins, Susanna

"It's 1666 and the Great Fire has just decimated an already plague-ridden London. Lady's maid Lucy Campion, along with pretty much everyone else left standing, is doing her part to help the city clean...

Shadowed by grace

Author: Putman, Cara C

An American woman on assignment in Italy to photograph the frontlines during World War II finds love after becoming involved with a soldier dedicated to saving great monuments and works of art from th...

Unlucky 13

Author: Patterson, James

"San Francisco Detective Lindsay Boxer is loving her life as a new mother. With an attentive husband, a job she loves, plus best friends who can talk about anything from sex to murder, things couldn't...

Kiss the bride

Author: Kevin, Lucy

No description available

Terms & conditions

Author: Glancy, Robert

Frank has been in a car accident*. The doctor tells him he lost his spleen, but Frank believes he has lost more. He is missing memories - of those around him, of the history they share and of how he c...

The serpent of Venice

Author: Moore, Christopher

"Venice, a long time ago. Three prominent Venetians await their most loathsome and foul dinner guest, the erstwhile envoy from the Queen of Britain: the rascal-Fool Pocket.This trio of cunning plotter...


Author: Thomson, Rupert

No description available

Hunting season

Author: Camilleri, Andrea

"From internationally bestselling author Andrea Camilleri, a brilliant, bawdy comedy that will surprise even the most die-hard Montalbano fans. In 1880s Vigàta, a stranger comes to town to open a pha...

Wake the dawn

Author: Snelling, Lauraine

When a natural disaster threatens to destroy lives in the small mountain town of Pineville, Minnesota, Physician's Assistant Esther Hanson struggles to help her patients without giving in to overwhelm...

A cold white sun

Author: Delany, Vicki

Cathy Lindsay--a middle-aged, middle-class, small town resident, high school English teacher, and married mother of two--is an unlikely candidate for a murderous ambush. As Sergeant John Winters begin...

Under cold stone

Author: Delany, Vicki

Paul Keller was enjoying a vacation in the Rocky Mountains with his girlfriend Lucky Smith when his estranged son called begging for help. Paul and Lucky arrive at Matt's apartment only to find a body...

Ruin Falls

Author: Milchman, Jenny

No description available

Don't ever look back

Author: Friedman, Daniel

"Twenty something Daniel Friedman's debut hit novel, Don't Ever Get Old, was a huge critical and word-of-mouth success. Friedman's unforgettable protagonist Buck Schatz is back, and, once again, this ...

Graveyard of memories

Author: Eisler, Barry

Fresh from the killing fields of Southeast Asia, Rain works as a bagman under the watchful eye of his CIA handler, delivering cash to corrupt elements of the Japanese government. But when a delivery g...

The color of light

Author: Hornsby, Wendy

No description available