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Recent Fiction Additions

The last bride

Author: Lewis, Beverly

"Set in Amish country's beloved fictional Hickory Hollow, Tessie Miller, the youngest of her Old Order parents' five daughters, followed her heart, and the unthinkable has happened. Will she find a re...

The book of unknown Americans

Author: Henríquez, Cristina

Moving from Mexico to America when their daughter suffers a near-fatal accident, the Riveras confront cultural barriers, their daughter's difficult recovery and her developing relationship with a Pana...


Author: Waters, M. D

In the conclusion to Water's stunning debut narrative, Emma's story continues as she's still on the run from the past, still trying to take bold steps to break free in the present, still hoping for a ...

The gone dead train

Author: Turner, Lisa

"After a time away to recover from the aftermath of a horrible case that left his partner dead, Billy's back in Memphis, drawn into an ever-widening murder mystery that focuses on flawed heroes: a dis...

Last to know

Author: Adler, Elizabeth

Soon after newcomer Lacey Havnel arrives in the quiet, well-heeled lakeside getaway of Evening Lake, Massachusetts, she is discovered stabbed and a vacationing Detective Harry Jordan must track down t...

Life drawing

Author: Black, Robin

"Augusta and Owen are living a quiet country life of companionship and artistic creation--she a painter, he a writer--until Alison, a beautiful British woman, moves in to the previously unoccupied cot...

Face value

Author: Kahn, Michael A

When her genius Asperger's syndrome colleague rules a friend's suspicious death a homicide in spite of police opinions, St. Louis attorney Rachel Gold investigates clues that lead her into the heart o...


Author: Rosenfelt, David

No description available

Present darkness

Author: Nunn, Malla

"Five days before Christmas, Detective Sergeant Emmanuel Cooper sits at his desk at the Johannesburg major crimes squad, ready for his holiday in Mozambique. A call comes in: a respectable white coupl...

One plus one

Author: Moyes, Jojo

"One single mom. One chaotic family. One quirky stranger. One irresistible love story from the New York Times bestselling author of Me Before You American audiences have fallen in love with Jojo Moyes...

Half a king

Author: Abercrombie, Joe

Heir to the throne Yarvi, prompted by the murder of his father, embarks on a kingdom-transforming journey to regain the throne, even though having only one good hand means he cannot wield a weapon....

A wedding in Provence

Author: Sussman, Ellen

"Ellen Sussman, nationally bestselling author of French Lessons, delivers a feast for the senses in A Wedding in Provence--a moving novel of love, forgiveness, and trust, set among the beaches and vin...

A perfect life

Author: Steel, Danielle

A mother and daughter confront respective challenges, cope with the mother's celebrity status as a television news anchor, and work through tragedy while maintaining an idyllic facade to the outside w...

Be safe I love you

Author: Hoffman, Cara

Returning with deep psychological scars after a tour of duty in Iraq, veteran soldier Lauren Clay guides her younger brother to an upstate New York oil field that has become the subject of her obsessi...

The Boleyn reckoning

Author: Andersen, Laura

"Elizabeth Tudor is at a crossroads. Though her brother, William, has survived the smallpox, scars linger on the king's body and mind and he marches to the drumbeat of his own desires rather than his ...

The cat sitter's nine lives

Author: Clement, Blaize

"Dixie Hemingway is back in this ninth installment of Blaize Clement's beloved cozy mystery series, now written by her son John using Blaize's extensive notes and outlines for future books. This book ...

The good, the bad, and the emus

Author: Andrews, Donna

"Life will never be the same for Meg after family secrets are revealed, introducing a whole new layer of intrigue in Donna Andrews's beloved series. Meg's long-lost paternal grandfather, Dr. Blake, ha...


Author: Cassella, Carol Wiley

"A medical mystery wrapped in a contemporary love story, GEMINI is a stand out new novel from the Cassella, a practicing M.D. and author of the national bestseller OXYGEN. Think Jodi Picoult meets Abr...

Deserves to die

Author: Jackson, Lisa

No description available

The Crimson Campaign

Author: McClellan, Brian

After his attempted invasion of Kez fails, Tamas must retreat to defend his country from the angry god, Kresimir, while Inspector Adamat tries to rescue his wife from the evil Lord Vetas in this seque...

Wayfaring stranger

Author: Burke, James Lee

"WAYFARING STRANGER begins in West Texas in 1934. At age sixteen, Weldon Holland encounters Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker traveling with their accomplices after having just pulled off one of their no...

Alias Hook

Author: Jensen, Lisa

"Meet Captain James Benjamin Hook, a witty, educated Restoration-era privateer cursed to play villain to a pack of malicious little boys in a pointless war that never ends. But everything changes when...

The catch

Author: Stevens, Taylor

Vanessa Michael Munroe has a reputation for getting things done-- but her work has left her with blood on her hands and a soul stained with guilt. Fleeing to Djibouti, Africa, her only responsibility ...

Famous baby

Author: Rizzo, Karen

Ruth Sternberg was the first and most famous mommy blogger, and now, eighteen years later, daughter and blog subject Abbie is understandably bitter about her public exploitation. So she takes a gap ye...

Heaven sent rain

Author: Snelling, Lauraine

Dinah Taylor has an orderly life that is just how she likes it. A perfectly furnished luxury apartment, a satisfying career as a scientist and CEO of her own company, and an uncomplicated personal lif...

The walk home

Author: Seiffert, Rachel

Growing up in a Glasgow community haunted by Ireland's troubles and religious divides, young Stevie finds his precarious family stability and sense of self threatened by his father's marching band's l...


Author: August, Noelle

"The first book in a sensational New Adult trilogy from Noelle August. Welcome to, the dating site for the millennial gen with its no-fuss, no-commitments matchups, and where work is ste...

The black hour

Author: Rader-Day, Lori

"For Chicago sociology professor Amelia Emmet, violence was a research topic--until a student she'd never met shot her. He also shot himself. Now he's dead and she's back on campus, trying to keep up ...

Days of rage

Author: Taylor, Brad

"In former delta force operator and New York Times bestseller Brad Taylor's latest Pike Logan thriller, the Taskforce must stop their most devastating threat yet-a weapon of mass destruction. The Task...

The last kings of Sark

Author: Rankin-Gee, Rosa

"My name is Jude. And because of Law, Hey and the Obscure, they thought I was a boy." Jude is twenty-one when she flies in a private plane to Sark, a tiny carless Channel Island and the last place in ...