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Read-Watch-Listen: Three Variations on Ballroom Dance

Art often inspires art, and ballroom dance is no exception. Beneath the fantasy of fluid grace and fierce passion lie grand stories to capture our imagination. Here are three ways to be swept off your feet

Ballroom book cover
Strictly Ballroom DVD cover
Ballroom Dancing CD cover

Read:  Ballroom by Alice Simpson

A debut novel as beautifully choreographed as the dances themselves, Alice Simpson’s Ballroom entwines the lives of six characters who desire to escape their problems for a few hours each week in a struggling dance hall. Intricate yet somehow seeming effortless, these interconnected stories of yearning and disappointment form a moving examination of authentic relationships.

Watch:  Strictly Ballroom

Australian director Baz Luhrman drew from his own experiences of the lush, exacting, and sometimes absurd world of competitive dance for his first film. Strictly Ballroom is a pas de deux between a maverick dancer who risks a promising career in order to break with tradition and the awkward beginner who urges him to be true to himself.

Listen:  Ballroom Dancing: In Strict Tempo

Perhaps the story left to be told is your own? If reading and watching spark dreams of putting on your own dancing shoes, check out Ballroom Dancing: In Strict Tempo, which adds entertainment value with arrangements of retro hits. Tango to “Nothing Gonna Stop Us,” jive to “Walk Like an Egyptian,” and cha cha to “Dancing in the Street.” The floor is yours!