Recent Fiction Audiobook Additions

Missing  audiobook cover


Author: Patterson, James, 1947-

Cross the line  audiobook cover

Cross the line

Author: Patterson, James, 1947-

The sixth idea  audiobook cover

The sixth idea

Author: Tracy, P. J., author.

The wonder  audiobook cover

The wonder

Author: Donoghue, Emma, 1969- author.

Today will be different  audiobook cover

Today will be different

Author: Semple, Maria.

Winter storms  audiobook cover

Winter storms

Author: Hilderbrand, Elin, author.

The wrong side of goodbye  audiobook cover

The wrong side of goodbye

Author: Connelly, Michael, 1956- author.

The girl from Venice  audiobook cover

The girl from Venice

Author: Smith, Martin Cruz, 1942- author.

Damaged  audiobook cover


Author: Scottoline, Lisa, author.

The excellent Lombards  audiobook cover

The excellent Lombards

Author: Hamilton, Jane, 1957 July 13- author.

Night and day  audiobook cover

Night and day

Author: Johansen, Iris, author.

The murder that never was  audiobook cover

The murder that never was

Author: Kane, Andrea, author.

No man

No man's land

Author: Baldacci, David, author.

Order to kill  audiobook cover

Order to kill

Author: Mills, Kyle, 1966-

Three sisters, three queens  audiobook cover

Three sisters, three queens

Author: Gregory, Philippa, author.

Insidious  audiobook cover


Author: Coulter, Catherine, author.

Magic  audiobook cover


Author: Steel, Danielle.

Truly madly guilty  audiobook cover

Truly madly guilty

Author: Moriarty, Liane, author.

Broken trust  audiobook cover

Broken trust

Author: Griffin, W. E. B., author.

The murder of Mary Russell  audiobook cover

The murder of Mary Russell

Author: King, Laurie R., author.

The waters of eternal youth  audiobook cover

The waters of eternal youth

Author: Leon, Donna, author.


Everybody's fool

Author: Russo, Richard, 1949- author.

Killer look  audiobook cover

Killer look

Author: Fairstein, Linda A., author.

The hopefuls  audiobook cover

The hopefuls

Author: Close, Jennifer.

Sweet tomorrows  audiobook cover

Sweet tomorrows

Author: Macomber, Debbie, author, narrator.

Tom Clancy duty and honor  audiobook cover

Tom Clancy duty and honor

Author: Blackwood, Grant, author.

You will know me  audiobook cover

You will know me

Author: Abbott, Megan E., 1971- author.

The woman in cabin 10  audiobook cover

The woman in cabin 10

Author: Ware, Ruth, author.

Commonwealth  audiobook cover


Author: Patchett, Ann, author.

A great reckoning  audiobook cover

A great reckoning

Author: Penny, Louise, author.