Recent Fiction Audiobook Additions

The librarians and the Mother Goose chase  audiobook cover

The librarians and the Mother Goose chase

Author: Cox, Greg, 1959- author.

Midnight at the Bright Ideas bookstore  audiobook cover

Midnight at the Bright Ideas bookstore

Author: Sullivan, Matthew, 1970- author.

The strange case of the alchemist

The strange case of the alchemist's daughter

Author: Goss, Theodora, author.

High stakes  audiobook cover

High stakes

Author: Michaels, Fern, author.

A dog

A dog's way home

Author: Cameron, W. Bruce, author.

Party girls die in pearls  audiobook cover

Party girls die in pearls

Author: Sykes, Plum, author.

Haunted  audiobook cover


Author: Patterson, James, 1947- author.

Glass houses  audiobook cover

Glass houses

Author: Penny, Louise, author.

The Cuban affair  audiobook cover

The Cuban affair

Author: DeMille, Nelson, author.

Secrets in death  audiobook cover

Secrets in death

Author: Robb, J. D., 1950- author.

I know a secret  audiobook cover

I know a secret

Author: Gerritsen, Tess, author.

The ninth hour  audiobook cover

The ninth hour

Author: McDermott, Alice, author.

Some kind of hero  audiobook cover

Some kind of hero

Author: Brockmann, Suzanne, author.

Into the water  audiobook cover

Into the water

Author: Hawkins, Paula, author.

The identicals  audiobook cover

The identicals

Author: Hilderbrand, Elin, author.

Nighthawk  audiobook cover


Author: Cussler, Clive, author.

Dragon teeth  audiobook cover

Dragon teeth

Author: Crichton, Michael, 1942-2008, author.

Robert Ludlum

Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Initiative

Author: Lustbader, Eric, author.

Same beach, next year  audiobook cover

Same beach, next year

Author: Frank, Dorothea Benton, author.

Since we fell  audiobook cover

Since we fell

Author: Lehane, Dennis, author.

The stars are fire  audiobook cover

The stars are fire

Author: Shreve, Anita, author.

The medical examiner  audiobook cover

The medical examiner

Author: Patterson, James, 1947- author.

The broken road  audiobook cover

The broken road

Author: Evans, Richard Paul, author, narrator.

A game of ghosts  audiobook cover

A game of ghosts

Author: Connolly, John, 1968- author.

Secrets in summer  audiobook cover

Secrets in summer

Author: Thayer, Nancy, 1943- author.

The reason you

The reason you're alive

Author: Quick, Matthew, 1973- author.

Use of force  audiobook cover

Use of force

Author: Thor, Brad, author.

The lying game  audiobook cover

The lying game

Author: Ware, Ruth, author.

Dark rites  audiobook cover

Dark rites

Author: Graham, Heather, author.

Paradise valley  audiobook cover

Paradise valley

Author: Box, C. J., author.